The most expensive part of being a HiFi head is not the equipment, but buying the wrong equipment.

Our members have saved thousands through sharing knowledge about the world of HiFi.

Say goodbye to regrettable purchases and hello to a world of expertise at your fingertips!


Only signal, no noise!

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Highly recommended for music lovers that want to learn even more! Let's enjoy analogue in these digital days.

Odd Harry Skjelsvik

The HiFi Asylum Member
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The place for unbiased, honest advice about high end systems and music. Highly recommended!

Martin Horgen

The HiFi Asylum Member
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The best community for audiophile music lovers. A group with a lot of experience and passion for high-end music and gear. Still growing and getting better and better!

Morten Sæther

The HiFi Asylum Member
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Very positive and good site for those who is interested in music and wants to know more about how to make a system perform as good as possible.

Hallgeir Omarhus

The HiFi Asylum Member
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Excellent forum! Lots of tips for new music 🎵

Thomas R. Wepping

The HiFi Asylum Member

The HiFi Asylum is a forum of vetted audiophiles

 Payed fee of admission

 Vetted for dedication to HiFi

 Vetted for high standard of equipment

 Kicked out if not following the code of ethics

For true audiophiles the rest of the world is deaf.

They seek asylum behind our walls.

In a world of noise, they have found the signal.

We are not here to be elites.

We are here to be as enthusiastic about HiFi as humanly possible.

We are nice people enjoying HiFi behind tall soundproof walls.

Discover True HiFi

For true audiophiles the rest of the world is deaf.

They seek asylum behind our walls from the noise of the crowd.

Only interested in the signal.

We are not here to be elites.

We are here to be as enthusiastic about HiFi audio as humanly possible.

And we do so behind tall sound isolated walls.

The Audio Party Behind Tall Sound Isolated Walls

Currently talking about

Here is what to expect

1. Knowledgeable Discussions: Engage with fellow HiFi enthusiasts who share your passion. Our members have a wealth of experience and are eager to offer their insights. From speaker placement to amplifier selection, you'll find valuable tips and tricks to enhance your listening experience.

2. Incentive-Free Advice:
Unlike biased reviews or sponsored content, our community is driven solely by the love of HiFi. You can trust that the advice you receive is genuine and tailored to your needs. No hidden agendas, just pure audio expertise.

3. Avoid Costly Mistakes: Don't let impulse purchases drain your bank account. Benefit from the collective wisdom of our community and make informed decisions. Discuss your intended purchases, seek recommendations, and receive feedback from those who have already walked the HiFi path.

4. Show Off Your Setup: We understand the joy of sharing your audio system with like-minded enthusiasts. Share pictures, descriptions, and even videos of your setup. Gain inspiration from others and receive appreciation for your carefully curated HiFi masterpiece.

5. Stereo System Listening Sessions: Imagine meeting up with fellow HiFi aficionados in your area to listen to each other's systems. Experience the thrill of discovering new music and uncovering nuances in your favorite tracks together. Our community facilitates local meetups, creating opportunities for unforgettable listening sessions.

Don't settle for mediocre sound or costly mistakes.

Join HiFi Connect today and unlock a world of HiFi expertise, camaraderie, and shared passion.

Upgrade your audio journey with us and embrace the ultimate HiFi experience.Sign up now and start elevating your HiFi game like never before.

Let's connect, discuss, and create audio magic together!


Only signal, no noise!

Proudly Endorsed by HiFi Pig

The HiFi Asylum is thrilled to announce its proud endorsement by HiFi PiG, a renowned authority in the world of HiFi News and trusted audio reviews.

With its global team of contributors, HiFi PiG serves as an invaluable resource for all things related to HiFi.

In addition, their Not Boring by HiFi PiG quarterly e-magazine and engaging YouTube channel have successfully expanded the reach of HiFi to a broader audience. Just like The HiFi Asylum, HiFi PiG confidently forges its own path and sets its own agenda.

This shared independent spirit makes HiFi PiG the perfect partner as the exclusive provider of HiFi news for The HiFi Asylum. Together, The HiFi Asylum and HiFi PiG aim to deliver the highest quality content, fostering a vibrant community of HiFi enthusiasts and promoting the latest advancements in the audio industry.


You need to find a community

As the digital landscape evolves, so does the need for secure and authentic online interactions.

You may not know this, but AI will completely change the digital landscape in the years ahead.

In a world where AI-driven automation and human-like behavior are becoming increasingly prevalent, it's essential to find a space that safeguards the integrity of your online community.

That's where our gated and paid community comes into play.

At our platform, we embrace the future by offering you a carefully curated space that ensures every member is a genuine human, not an impersonal bot.

1. Genuine Connections: In an era of AI-generated content and automated interactions, genuine human connections are more valuable than ever. By joining our gated community, you can rest assured that every member you engage with is a real person who shares your passion and enthusiasm for HiFi. Bid farewell to spam, trolls, and impersonal interactions.

2. Trustworthy Expertise: With the widespread adoption of AI, it's becoming increasingly challenging to separate authentic voices from automated noise. In our gated community, you'll find a pool of trusted experts and enthusiasts who provide reliable, human-driven advice and insights. Benefit from the collective wisdom of genuine individuals who are passionate about HiFi.

3. Enhanced Security: While the internet offers vast opportunities for connection and collaboration, it also presents risks from bots, trolls, and malicious actors. Our gated community provides an added layer of security by verifying the identity of each member. Feel confident that your discussions, personal information, and intellectual property are protected within a safe and exclusive environment.

4. Community Governance: We believe that effective community management is essential for fostering meaningful interactions. Our dedicated team of moderators ensures that discussions remain respectful, productive, and aligned with our community's values. Benefit from a carefully cultivated environment where your voice is heard and your ideas are valued.

Join our gated and paid community today and step into a future where genuine human connections, trustworthy expertise, and enhanced security redefine the online landscape.

Embrace the power of a community that celebrates the human touch in a world driven by AI.

Experience the difference and elevate your online engagement like never before.

Secure your spot now and unlock a world of genuine interactions, expert advice, and a future-proof online community.

Together, we can shape the digital landscape with authenticity and ensure that human connections remain at the core of our online experiences.


Only signal, no noise!


✅ Speak freely in an environment of vetted polite brothers

✅ Avoid bad actors with special interests

With a gated community, you get better signal to noise ratio.

The important ones are heard, while the noise of the torlls and bad actorrs is gone.

WIthout music, life would be a mistake.

The forum is alive and running, but we are revamping our website and design!

You can still sign up with the links.

For any further inquires contact Øystein Hasnes at or +47 991 09 242

Frequently Asked Questions

How good does the stereo system need to be in order to join?

Every good place has a fee of admissi

Why is there an admission fee?

Tax practices vary from country to country. Best practice is to not spend any money you earn, and contact your tax authorities about your surplus income. Governments are happy about their citizens making themselves more useful and will accommodate you to be taxed correctly.

We handle the sales tax for the country of Norway on our end.

Can I join from anywhere?

The money made from affiliate sales is normally held for 7 days, in which the refund upon denial of entry (if the user fails the vetting) will happen. The purchase will be marked as a refund in Gumroad and no money from the sale will be payed out.

How do I get payed?

Gumroad keeps your cut and sends it automatically in the way you have selected. We recommend paypal. See more about Gumroad payout methods here:

Is this a pyramid scheme?

This is in no way a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme builds on people making money from other peoples money, with no value being offered.

This is an affiliate system - with the value of a great forum being what is sold.

Since each new user gets the ability to affiliate, it can spread quickly like a pyramid scheme does.

Still there is no other similarity.

Can I have people work for me?


You can have as many people working with your affiliate link as you want.

You will have to keep order on who and what brings sales on your own, and any member joining the program can affiliate directly with us.

Still; if you are able to divide the earnings under you, you are allowed to do so.

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For years, closed forums have been the go-to platform for individuals who seek to engage in thoughtful discussions with like-minded individuals. By limiting membership to a select group of individuals, closed forums offer a controlled environment that facilitates more focused and meaningful conversations.At our forum, we understand the importance of fostering open communication and collaboration, and that's why we have created a platform that brings together passionate individuals from all walks of life. By joining our closed community, you'll have access to a network of individuals who share your interests, passions, and values. Whether you're looking to connect with fellow enthusiasts, industry experts, or simply make new friends, our forum is the perfect platform to do so.One of the many benefits of a closed forum is the sense of security and privacy that it provides. Members feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts and opinions, which leads to more authentic and insightful discussions. Plus, our forum provides a sense of exclusivity, making it a sought-after destination for those who are serious about engaging in meaningful conversation.So why wait? Join our exclusive forum today and start connecting with individuals who share your passion! With our carefully curated community, you can be sure that you'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are just as invested in the conversation as you are. Sign up now and experience the power of a closed community for yourself!

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For true audiophiles the rest of the world is deaf.

They seek asylum behind our walls.

In a world of noise, they have found the signal.

We are not here to be elites.

We are here to be as enthusiastic about HiFi as humanly possible.

We are nice people enjoying HiFi behind tall sound-isolated walls.

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We are not so fortunate that we can expect to cross paths with the right people without any effort.

It might happen a few times in our lives.

And when it does, it's magic.

Friendships are formed for life.

The internet is a fantastic tool to meet people, but it's too vast.

Everyone has a voice.

The guy who's never listened to an LP player can share his opinion about it.

This is why we need gates.

Gates that ensure the right people are let inside.

We are that gate.

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